Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nude Pictures Land Muslim Wife In Jail ... Divorce and No Dowry in UAE

Nude pictures land Muslim wife in jail... Muslim husband free

Thanks to: UnSavouryIslam
UAE - The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal upheld the verdict of the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court which sentenced a woman to three months in jail for publishing indecent photos of herself on one of the websites, reported 'Al Bayan'. The family court also issued a ruling of her being divorced from her husband without getting her dowry. The husband had filed a complaint accusing his wife of publishing nude pictures on pornographic sites.  Investigations revealed that nine pictures were real and five fake. Meanwhile, the woman - a government employee - accused her husband of taking such photos on his mobile phone under the influence of alcohol to get rid of her and to deprive her of the custody of her children as well as the dowry. But when the Court of Appeal dismissed her appeal, saying the pictures speak of her act, she justified it by claiming that she took such photos on her husband's demand because he missed her when she was not around. Full Story>>

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